My New Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote Control

In between periods of downloading apps/updates or letting installs happen while getting my computer back up, I managed to get my first set up done on the new Logitech Harmony 1000 remote control and I must say, thus far, I am impressed. In the past, I have been a Philips Pronto remote control owner and […]

Computer Issues Continued

You might remember my recent post about computer issues. Well, tonight I finally made some progress. I was able to get Windows XP reinstalled on the machine without having to wipe the hard drive. So, all of my date is intact. I make daily backups of the critical data, but there was a lot of […]

Websites and Computers

Today was an interesting day.  Most of it was spent in front of a computer, but the vast majority was not having fun.  We have always had some issues on our home LAN with our computers being able to see each other.  They were all running the same firewall software with the same settings but […]

Website Moves

I recently made the decision to move my websites (four in production with fifth in planning) to a new host and new server. This decision didnt come easily. I wasnt really all that happy with the current host. They ( had gone through many rough areas. I had been with them for about 15 months. […]