Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day – especially to my Mom! This is your day and I hope you enjoy it!

I know Suzanne will enjoy it. She has me running a bunch of errands for her today. I even had to go get her a special bottle of wine. Oh well, she gave me a couple of wonderful kids. I have a special Italian Veal dish planned for dinner.

Last night was interesting as we went to a 50th birthday party last night. Actually, Suzanne was the singing entertainment at the party. It was actually a paying gig. I set up the equipment and ran the electronics for her show. The party was thrown by a lady at the dance study where Suzanne and the kids dance.

The guy for whom the party was being thrown is from Haiti, as his is wife. The party was called a white party, which is considered normal in the islands of the Caribbean. Everyone was supposed to wear all white. Well, I dont own any white pants, so jeans had to do. The entire backyard was done up very nicely in white. The tables, chairs and other stuff was all covered in white.

The lady throwing the party went all out. She hired Suzanne, a DJ and some mariachis for music. She hired three ladies to man the bar and serve drinks and food. There was a ton of food. Most of it was seafood (Shrimp, conk, snapper, etc) that was flown in fresh this weekend from Florida. Luckily for me, they also had a honey baked style ham.

There was a lot Haitian relatives and friends at the party. I think everyone, including Suzanne and I, had a good time. There was definitely some interesting dancing going on. Suzanne did quite well in her performance. She sang for about 90 minutes and had the audience captivated. I had made up some business cards, including information on her Sonoita Singer website. Several people expressed interest in additional performances, so we shall have to see.

Alrighty, gotta run as Suzanne wants to watch a movie.

Enjoy your day Mothers! You have earned it…