Treadmill Update

A quick update on the treadmill…

If yall followed the comments on the original post, my friend Paul suggested checking a fuse. I was skeptical, but checked the fuse I could see and it was working, as were the electronics. Suzanne, got out there this morning and tore apart the machine to get at another fuse buried deep in the inards. Sure enough, that BIG fuse was blown.

We replaced the fuse tonight and the treadmill is back in action. I think the real problem ocurred the day before when my daughter Savannah got on the treadmill and ramped it up to 9.0 mph. She was really cooking. The problem was that nobody was around. When she got tired, she face planted the treadmill. She didnt know how to stop it and panicked. She got some scrapes on her face and knee. I suspect the 9.0 mph caused some sort of issue.

Anyways, Suzanne saved us some serious cash today by getting it fixed. Thats a nice change. 🙂