Website Enhancements

Just a quick note to let you know about some Mr Papa’s World website enhancements that have been added over the past few weeks.

You will notice the obtrusive social bookmarks with its multitude of icons is gone. While social bookmarking is still en vogue, the messy icons are not, so I have added a newer, easier method. In the post header information, you will now see a “Share this Post” link. That link will allow you to socially bookmark it or email the post to a friend. This plugin in comes courtesy of Alex King. I have done very minor tweaking to his fine mod.

I have also completely revamped the way comments are done and added a bit of ajax to them. If you click on the link that displays the number of comments, the comments will now immediately expand in place without reloading a page. From this comment expansion, you can also enter a new comment. This ajax plugin comes from Kashou but has been extensively modified to work with my site how I wanted it to.

I have replaced the post rating system with a popularity system. Not surprisingly, not many people were actually taking the time to vote for posts. I know I dont on sites that have them. I had installed that mostly to play with. The new post popularity system is automatic. It weights each post based on the number of home page views, number of permalink views, number of comments, etc. etc.. The post with the highest score gets 100%. So, each posts popularity will be a percentage of the highest post value. Since the post view counts are cumulative, newer posts will generally have lower scores, but it will even out over time. This plugin also comes from Alex King.

I also changed the theme layout slightly altering where some of the elements where located (ie comments vs similar posts). You can always see what plugins I am running here at Mr Papa’s World my plugin page.

As usual, I expect to continually be modifying and tweaking Mr Papa’s World as time goes by.