Following Our Passion With Our New Business

We are very excited to announce that we, Suzanne and Steve, have opened our own travel agency in the form of a CruiseOne franchise location in Sonoita, AZ serving customers in our local area, all of Southern Arizona, and nationwide. This is something that we had been thinking about for a while, but we finally […]

Our Home in Sonoita is For Sale

That’s hard to say, but yes, we have put our home in Sonoita, AZ for sale. Why? Well, at least its not because we have too. There is no impending job change (about 24 years and counting and quite happy) or any financial hardship reason for selling the house. We have just come to the […]

New Look For Mr Papa’s World

It’s that time again – time for a new look for Mr Papa’s World. This time, it was necessitated by a simple fact that several features of the site were not working to them being outdated. I needed to either get them working or update the general appearance. Since it had been a while since […]

Another New Look

If its Fall again, it must be time to update the look of Mr Papa’s World. Upon arriving at the site now, you will obviously notice a big difference from the previous look. I have tried to update the site theme based upon my more recent usage of the site. Instead of the light colors, […]

My Poor Blog

Oh my poor little blog. How I have neglected it lately! It’s not really by choice, but things have become hectic around here. It probably sounds old, but with work and the kids now doing something damn near every night, time for Mr Papa’s World has been limited. I have managed to do little “Quick […]

Cruise Talk Central Redesign

Okay, now I can give some explanation for my absence of late – well, at least part of the reason. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been hard at work redesigning our Cruise Talk Central site. Seems like every 18 months or so, I get the urge to redesign the appearance of my sites and it was time […]

New Dance Site Launched

Okay, time to reveal where I have been lately. Suzanne decided that the dance studio she and the kids go to needed a new and improved website. To be honest, they did. The previous one was fixed html and very, very slow due to incredibly large images (30 MB+) being show as thumbnails. Anyways, she […]

Interesting Web Site

First and foremost, I am not claiming what that image says. In fact, I had some trepidation about doing this post, but after the initial shock (and laugh) its a serious site. Recently, on the open source WordPress forum plugin that I help develop, we had a support request from a site called I Married […]

Lions Fan Site

With the upcoming NFL season, I need to make a decision about my Detroit Lions fan site. I really like the site and really like talking about my favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately, as one can see by looking at the site, I haven’t made a post since late June. This isn’t from […]

Yes, It’s Another “Where’s Mr Papa?”

Where in the heck did the last week go? It was nothing but a blur. That’s good in some respects and bad in others. As to my website updates, it was bad. Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week. A pop up business trip opportunity became available for next week and it […]