Another Site Update

It’s time to announce another site update.  This one is pretty minor, but hopefully visitors to the site actually use it.  I have update how Mr Papa’s World handles it’s archives of old posts. In the sidebar, you will see a block that lists all the archive information that is available.  You can search/peruse the […]

Website Enhancements

Just a quick note to let you know about some Mr Papa’s World website enhancements that have been added over the past few weeks. You will notice the obtrusive social bookmarks with its multitude of icons is gone. While social bookmarking is still en vogue, the messy icons are not, so I have added a […]

Mr Papa’s World Adds Shoutbox

The features keep on rolling in… I have now added a shoutbox to Mr Papa’s World. With this new shoutbox, you can leave me a quick message (or shout) without having to reply to a specific post or comment, or without having to use the contact form. In addition, if you time it just right, […]