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Showstoppers Anaheim 2010

We have put up our gallery from the Showstopper Dance competition in Anaheim in July. Savannah earned two Platinum Trophy’s and had a dance Class with Dancing With the Stars Dancer Lacy Schwimmer. Suzanne earned Three Platinum trophies in Song & Dance, Folkloric Solo, and Folkloric Trio. Sean even came in late Friday to save […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-29

Nice relaxing day after the exciting varsity game last night. Anxious for Sean and the JV squad to open the season next week! # Overtime win! # Overtime way to start the season. Except they were heavy favorites. Supposed to be top 4 in state. Flat opening game. # Ah the fun # Almost […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-22

Sean's birthday today. Heading into town for the day. Lunch at Hooters – his choice. Buffalo Wild Wings better food but…. # sheesh. Suzanne just killed another rattlesnake in the garage. that's two today & 10 for the summer. more than all the other years combined. # dang, another rattlesnake bites the dust. these mojaves […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-15

Simple:Press 4.3.3 Released via @MrPapa # hey @mikemacias what happened to your tweet me SP hook code? I dont see them anymore? replacing wtih new Tweet Me button from twitter? # sure has been nice having a few days off work. got caught up on work around the house. think I will take monday […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-08

holy wow. can it be true??? finally a day off tomorrow?? first one in about two months? fingers crossed that it really happens! # woot! only few more days of this work madness – then a nice week or so off! definitely ready! # If you aren't watching the USA Network summer shows, you should […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-08-01

watched the new Clash of the Titans tonight. Not my cup of tea, but better than original. Just glad to have time for a movie – been a while! # hmmm… guess thats what happens when you get home from work on Sat after 8. Suzanne already passed out for the night… # Two more […]