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Caribbean Cruise 2010 – Day 3 – Day at Sea

Yesterday was another wonderful day at sea. This cruise, thus far, has been extremely relaxing and enjoyable. We continued plying the deep waters of the Atlantic on our way to the Eastern Caribbean. Ocean depth has been between 5000 and 6000 meters. Temperatures have been hovering around 80 degrees, but the motion of the ship […]

Caribbean Cruise 2010 – Day 2 – Day at Sea

Yesterday was our first full day of the cruise and it was a day at sea. We love days at sea when cruising – even better than days in ports. Days at sea are wonderful relaxation days and a very good way to recharge your batteries. We are currently making our way to the Eastern […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-11-28

Muster drill time. Must mean it's just about time to sail away! # Gonna be a good cruise! Cellar master is Sinisa. Third cruise in a row with him and he is already taking care of us! # Must be on a cruise. On the ship 30 minutes and sitting down to eat!!!!! # On […]

Caribbean Cruise 2010 – Day 1 – Departure Day

Yesterday was the start of our 2010 Caribbean cruise on board the Celebrity Equinox. The cruise would be departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our destinations would be St. Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados, Dominica and St Maarten. Add in four days at sea (plus the departure and arrival days) and it should be a fun filled […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-11-21

working on a special web site to help sell the house should be decide to put it on the market in January. Pretty good stuff if I do say so. # vacation baby! No more work for me until December 8th. Work 7 days then and then take another 2 1/2 weeks off!!! woot!!! # […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-11-14

Sean decided to buy kinect for xbox – with his own money! from his slush fund, not his savings. I must be paying too much allowance! # and dang, this #tweetdeck realtime update really sucks… time to find the off button… # wow. where did this week go??? Friday already?? Not complaining – especially having […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-11-07

No, not really 😉 RT @Alyssa_Milano: Dear Arizona, Do you ever wonder what Day Light Savings is like? Sincerely, Most Of The Other States # Big gains in House and good gains in Senate – key stat: ALL House seats up for vote but only 1/3 of Senate. imagine if all Senate seats up!! # […]