300 vs 300 Spartans

We finally got a chance this past weekend to watch the old classic movie 300 Spartans. You might remember my post on the current movie 300, and the issues I had with it. I also related that, as I remembered, the original 1960’s movie was much much better.

Suzanne, Sean and myself sat down to watch it on Saturday. And, as I remembered, it was much better than the current 300 showing in theaters. Some folks might not like the much older movie, but it is more historically accurate and easier to watch than the fantasy spruced up current release. It is, however, fairly apparent that the producers/directors had seen the original movie. Suzanne didn’t see 300 but enjoyed the older 300 Spartans. Sean, like me, clearly thought the older one was better.

Just another reason why remakes usually aren’t as good…

We also watched Rocky 2 this past weekend as Sean has become a big Rocky fan since our Rocky and Rocky Balboa double feature a couple weeks back. Once again, we enjoyed the movie and Sean made an immediate request for Rocky 3 to be on our “To Watch” list.

I guess I should also mention that we watched Rambo 2 this weekend. That was another Sean request after seeing the original Rambo: First Blood. While enjoyable, it started to stretch the imagination and I am not sure if Sean wants Rambo 3 on the movie list. He does want to see John Rambo when it is finally release to see how the series raps up.

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