Super Bowl Ads

What the hell is Mr Papa doing writing a post about the Super Bowl Ads instead of the game itself? Well, a few comments on the game… That may well have been the best Super Bowl Game ever. It was close the whole way, hard fought and riveting. And my full post on the Super […]

300 vs 300 Spartans

We finally got a chance this past weekend to watch the old classic movie 300 Spartans. You might remember my post on the current movie 300, and the issues I had with it. I also related that, as I remembered, the original 1960’s movie was much much better. Suzanne, Sean and myself sat down to […]

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky

Yesterday, we finally got a change to view the latest Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa. First, to set the stage for the kids, we also rented a copy of the original Rocky movie so they would have a frame of reference for the latest. The kids hadn’t really even heard of Rocky, let alone seen any […]