A Step Backwards

Today was not a good day for Sean’s football team. They seem to seriously regress back to the old days and played terrible. Everyone on the team, including Sean, had a bad day. The final score of the game was 33 – 7.

On defense, we couldn’t stop anything. If it wasn’t for a couple of turnovers by the other guys, the score would have been much worse. Sean did have some tackles but was out of position on several plays. Two of them went for long TDs right through the place he should have been instead of freelancing. The first half was terrible but he improved some in the second half. The whole team just seemed to not show up today.

I have mentioned this previously, but part of the problem for the team is they just don’t have that many kids. They managed to field a team of 13 today, but all week long at practice they only had 7 guys. With that number in practice, you can’t even run an offense or defense. That is probably the biggest reason why they played so bad today.

On offense, we couldn’t move the ball at all. I think we only had two or three first downs all day. The kids simply weren’t blocking. The other team was a bit bigger, but all teams have been. They weren’t all that much better than us, but certainly played better today. Our only score was on a kickoff return for touchdown.

The boys have one regular season game remaining. They will then be in the playoffs. I can’t remember how the playoffs work. It seems to change every year. It might just be a one game playoff against the team nearest you in the standings.

In a bit of a surprise, the weather heated up again today. The thermometer broke through ninety and it was hot at the game. I had thought we were through with the Summer heat.

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