American Idol

Oh boy, tonight the new seventh season of American Idol debuted – lucky me. Suzanne and Savannah are die hard fans of the show. Sean sometimes gets caught up in the show. Me, I don’t like it, but am constantly coerced to watch it. Usually, I flat out refuse and bury myself back in the office on the computer.

I just don’t get the show. I mean, if they concentrated on showing good singers, it might be more enjoyable. But, these first few weeks are really unbearable as they tend to want to show all the rejects. You get a bunch of weirdos that just want attention auditioning for the show. And a lot of them are really, really bad. Luckily, they do throw in a few good ones.

The girls tend to be really big reality show fans and watch as many as they can. I dont find too many of them that interesting, but they like to get the family watching them so we aren’t all in different rooms. I can stomach Survivor and Big Brother. Any of these performing ones, such as Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, just aren’t for me. I must admit that I had the same opinion about The Apprentice, but after watching many shows with them, I sort of got hooked and am now willing to watch it. I much much prefer sitcoms though.

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