America’s Army 2.7 Released

America’s Army has finally released the long awaited version 2.7. Unfortunately, the new version is not available in a patch and the whole game must be downloaded again. That means, a whopping download of 2.5GB.

In today’s era of broadband, that is not too bad for most – maybe a few hours. Since I happen to live deep in rural America, my host chooses to throttle back my bandwidth afte a certain amount of continuous download. So, most of the 2.5GB is downloaded at 256k. Argh… Add that to the demand for the game and its a long download. I am on my second day of downloading. I hope it finishes tonight.

There are significant changes to the game in this version. A single player or team variant has been added with computer controlled AI for the enemey. Limited use of vehicles is a newcomer too. A few new maps and a few new weapons have also been added. Hopefully, they have added a bunch of anti-hacker stuff too.

Alright, I am off as I have to update our 158th AA server to the new version…


  1. Woohoo! I will have to get in line to download!

  2. Its a long one… of course, you live in the city, so will have a better connection… Hopefully, I can play it tomorrow…

    Mr Papa

  3. Well, finally got it downloaded and installed… beware of the install as it may take quite a while for the install to actually begin once you double click the downloaded exe file… evidently a lot of unpacking today before the install even begins…

    time to start playing it…

    Mr Papa

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