Family Update 3/2/07

Wow, been three days since my last post.  I have been really enjoying rediscovering America’s Army.  I havent been playing it too much until the last couple of days.  So, what’s going on… Since Suzanne forgot to take her camera to the Showstopper Dance Competition in Phoenix a couple of weekends ago, we dont have […]

Back To Normal

It’s time to get back to more normality tomorrow. It’s been a hectic start of the year at work. It culminated in the business trip last week. The kids and Suzanne also get back to normal with a regular dance week and a full week of school. We had a nice relaxing weekend and are […]

New Computer

Whew… today i got through my VP review coming out smelling pretty good…  Its been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been neglecting my websites including Mr Papa’s World. This new computer is making me happy.  Its not top of the line, but I never tend to buy so.  In the olden days, […]

Technology Update

Today, my new internet service was installed and I couldn’t be happier.  I said that a year ago when the old internet service was turned on, but things get better with time.  After todays install, I am able to get a solid 1 – 1.5M download and 700k upload.  The best part is that no […]

Technology Woes Continue

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for some of my tech items. First, the treadmill died (twice actually). Now, my gaming headset (mic and headhones) for my PC has crapped out. I was in the middle of an America’s Army game, discussing strategy with my 158th clanmates, when the microphone stopped working. I tried […]

Weekend Musings and NutriSystem Update

Wow! What a busy weekend. It was even a three day weekend for me as it was my Friday off week. Some of the activities though were self-inflicted. I put myself in a hole sleepwise early as I stayed up until 3:30 AM on Thursday night playing America’ Army. That game can be quite addictive […]

America’s Army 2.7 Released

America’s Army has finally released the long awaited version 2.7. Unfortunately, the new version is not available in a patch and the whole game must be downloaded again. That means, a whopping download of 2.5GB. In today’s era of broadband, that is not too bad for most – maybe a few hours. Since I happen […]

Lazy Sunday

Today is just another lazy Sunday – I love it! Unfortunately, I did it again last night and stayed up until 2:00 am playing America’s Army. The game is just plain addictive and has cost me countless hours of lost sleep. And I suspect more in the future. Spending some time on the computer today […]

Suzanne and Kids Trip Update

I got a chance to talk with Suzanne again last night on her annual Summer trek to Dallas. It sounds like they are having fun, but it also sounds like she is ready for it to come to an end. It’s a long trip and even though one really wants to see family, two plus […]

So Far, So Good

Today is day four of my summer bachelor time and so far, its been great. Well, it’s been pretty good anyways. As luck would have it, I have ended up late at work each night this week, so “my time” has been more limited than I had hoped. In addition, its rained every night this […]