Another NutriSystem Update

Well, another week down on NutriSystem. I think that makes eight. I know another shipment has arrived so my cupboard is once again stocked. Though, once again, some of my items could not be filled so they substituted something completely unrelated. In fact, they substitute stuff I dont normally order which baffles me. There is a reason why I dont order it. They must either use a random number generator or purposely choose something I dont order thinking they are doing me a favor by letting me try it. Its the one aggrevating thing about NutriSystem and their delivery system.

Anyways, the weight went up one pound this week. I suspect that was related to my two meals out binge on Saturday during our day trip to Apple Annie’s. If it hadnt ocurred so close to my weigh in day, all would have been good. Basically, I think (or maybe hope) that the one pound is in the noise and statistically unsignificant. I am still down 17 pounds for the eight weeks.

I need to get back to my workout efforts too. Since the treadmill died and it took a couple of weeks to get it fixed, my workout program has suffered. Okay, it has just stopped. I have yet to use the treadmill or the bowflex equipment since the treadmill died. I need to get back into the swing of it.

I still think this NutriSystem is a pretty good system. I enjoy the food and am rarely hungry. In fact, at some meals I dont even eat everything that I am supposed to. I dont know if that is a bad thing. The hardest part is when we eat dinner at a restaurant. I am able to have reduced portions and make smarter choices, but I still always seem to show a no loss or one pound gain for that week. That doesnt bode well for the time I decide to stop ordering food from NutriSystem. Or perhaps it really does if I stay consistent. It may just seem like a negative now since I want to lose wait.

I also seem to continue to have decent results since adding wine back into my life. The first three or four weeks, I had stopped drinking alcohol all together to help aid the weight loss. By the time I started adding wine back in, the weight loss had dropped to 1 or 2 pounds a week and effectively (negating out the dining out) has stayed there with me drinking wine again on the weekends. I am still avoiding alcohol on the weekdays to help the weight loss efforts out.

Next week, with a business trip looming, has me a bit worried…


  1. Chris Thompson says

    I was depressed and frustrated because of my weight and, what I thought was, a lack of self-discipline. The nutrisystem program is great and most of the foods are delicious.

    I have been on a diet for for 6 weeks and have lost 13 lbs without ever being hungry. I love it, and now I have only 12 lbs to go.

  2. congats! keep it up!

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