Back in Sonoita

I am back from the business trip and trying to dig out from the feeds, emails and PMs. Wow, sometimes it doesnt pay to go away. To top it off, I was greeted with a cold front in the area when I returned. It was in the 80’s when I left. The first big winter storm (and yes its, mid-March) of the year is due in this weekend. At my elevation in the mountains, they are predicting possibly 2 – 6 inches of snow. Higher elevations could see 4 – 12 inches in my area. In the almost 4 years I have lived here in the Sonoita, AZ area, I have yet to see that much snow on my ground and dont expect to this weekend either. The forecasts are really iffy when you live in the mid-elevation mountains.

The business trip was a very interesting, educational company leadership forum. They had the pre-requisite motivational speakers and company leaders doing presentations. I actually came away with some new ideas and few different thoughts on ideas. The conference was run very well and worth my time.

Now I need to see if my America’s Army game is still in good shape with the idle week ๐Ÿ™‚

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