Suzanne “Putting on a Show” to raise money for church building foundation

This weekend, Suzanne has put together a fund raising variety show for our parish building foundation. Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission church received a donation of land a few years ago, and since that time our parish has put together various fund raisers to support our future building efforts. Tomorrow, Suzanne will be […]

The Greenery of Sonoita

Here in Sonoita, AZ we are in full swing Monsoon season. The afternoon and evening Thunderstorms have been quite spectacular. The rainfall has been heavy. At times, you cant see 50 feet away from you its raining so hard. The Monsoon season is nice because it also tends to cool down our 100+ degree temperatures […]

Bandera Part V – Horseback Riding, More Shopping and Goodbyes

Thursday was the highlight of the trip to the Flying L Ranch in Bandera, Texas. Even though Sean and Savannah have many school mates that have horses and often participate in rodeo and horse events, Sean and Savannah have not had an opportunity to horseback ride. Grandmother and Grandpop treated all 5 of the kids […]

Klasens Featured in the Sonoita Bulletin

The local paper, the Sonoita Weekly Bulletin, featured the Klasens in two articles this week. The first article chronicles our results at the Show Stopper Competition and the second article highlights our upcoming church benefit show. I’ve linked the articles up for our readers, however I believe that the link location is only good until […]

Family Update 3/2/08

Whew, taking a bit of time here to come up for air. Its been really busy lately moving all my domains (and the few I host for friends) on over to another server. Our Cruise Talk Central site continues to grow and the traffic increases. It was just last December that I upgraded to another […]

Qwest DSL

Qwest finally decided to turn on DSL out here in my neck of the woods. They had run fiber out for a central office several years ago but had resisted actually activating any kind of service. I guess they think Sonoita is backwoods and wouldn’t support turning on the service. Anyways, I have used a […]

Community Christmas Party

Tonight was the local Sonoita community Christmas Party. Every year the chamber of commerce puts this fun activity on for our rural community. There’s lots of cowboy gear as the local ranchers come out for a fun night. The evening starts with a couple hours of adults only “quiet” time before the kids show up […]

Wild Night of Wild Fires

Yesterday evening and last night was rather interesting around here – weather wise that is. We should be 2 – 4 weeks away from the onset of our monsoon season. I even heard one report saying it was going to be late this year. Last night, it didn’t look like it was going to be […]

New Fire Near Us

Earlier this week another wildfire broke out near us. This one is known as the San Antonio Fire. It’s located in the San San Rafael Valley near San Antonio Canyon. That’s a region just North of the Mexican border. It’s probably 15 – 20 miles from us in Sonoita. As of mid-week, the fire had […]

Nice Arizona Weather

This is a great time of year here in Arizona. The weather is just fabulous. Last week and this week, the temperatures in Tucson have been in the mid-80’s. In Sonoita, that equates to about upper 70’s. It’s very nice and comfortable. I think the winter, what we get here in Arizona, is past. The […]