Balcony Cabin Confirmed on the Mercury Cruise to Alaska

We got a call from our travel agent today regarding our Family Ocean View room on the Celebrity Mercury for our upcoming� cruise to Alaska in June. Lori Cunningham of Sky Scraper Tours called this afternoon to let us know that our room would be upgraded in the upcoming Mercury dry dock refurbishment to a Category 2a, which is an ocean view veranda balcony room.

This is great news to us because we had been hoping to book a balcony for our Alaskan Cruise, but when we booked the Mercury last year, they did not have any cabin categories, short of a sky suite, that would accommodate 4 people with a balcony. A few months after the booking, we heard that Mercury would be undergoing a multi million dollar renovation similar to the one done on the Century last year. We had hoped that the upgrade would include the conversion of our cabin to a Veranda. This could easily be done because the Mercury already had a little used public deck off the back of the ship outside of these rooms. All the cruise line would need to do it convert the door to a window and partition off that deck into private verandas.

We couldn�t have asked for a better news.� We now have a great, over sized room, on a great ship, with great private views of Alaska. Lori also offered to move my Mother-In-Law and husband�s Aunt to a similar room on the back of the ship with us. They currently in a mid ship 2A balcony cabin, but might enjoy being in a larger room on the back of the ship with us.


  1. WOO HOO! Sounds great!

  2. It will be nice…

  3. Paul Tobin says

    Uh oh…..spam??

  4. Unfortunately, they occasionally still slip through… Its gone now… Seems like about 1 every 500 – 1000 slip through my spam net…

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