Broadway & Beyond Fundraiser a Success

Steve, Sean, Savannah, Pianist Rick Stahl, church volunteers, and The Alma Dolores Dancers did a great job this weekend to help me put on a variety show that was a huge success in helping us raise money for our parish building fund. Overall the show went pretty smoothly with Steve running the sound system, parish volunteers running the dessert kitchen, and a few of the Mom’s running the dressing area a making sure all the dancers were ready with their costumes and hair pieces. Our only major hiccup was the boys not making a costume changed in time. It should have been an easy change for the boys as they only had to change their shirts, but they got tangled up or something. It actually provided a moment of humor in the show. Other than that slight delay, the show went off beautifully and the audience seemed to enjoy it. My favorite part was probably donning my short black wig and black feather trimmed pants suit for my tribute to Liza Minnelli. Audience members commented that they really enjoyed the Mexican dancing as well. I think that the colorful costumes and upbeat music appeal to nearly everyone. I can’t thank everyone who volunteered their time for this event for their efforts that made it a big success.


  1. What a good photo!

    I know you and the entertaining cast had a wonderful time — and I am sure the audience loved the performance and felt great about helping the building fund.

    With Love,


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