Busy Days Ahead

Just when one seems to be relaxing into the lovely fall weather here in Arizona, bang, we go and get busy.

Sean and Savannah have only two more weeks left in the regular season of football, but this occupies a significant portion of our Saturdays and three evenings a week for Suzanne and the kids. I am not sure yet if Sean’s team will make the playoffs – it might also be open to all teams. The cheerleading squad also has their County competition coming in the next couple of weeks.

Next weekend is the big International Dance Recital for Suzanne, the kids and the Alma Dolores International Dance Studio. This event is one of about four big productions that the studio puts on. They also do numerous charity and city functions. The International recital features different styles of dance from across the World. As usual, Mr Papa will be in the audience.

In the next couple of weeks, I will also be taking an extended business trip for a week. It should be a fun trip, but long and hard. In fact, I may have several trips coming in the month of November. I guess I need to get these out of my system because starting the week of Thanksgiving, I plan to work only two weeks the remainder of the year. There is an outside chance of even less if certain events come to pass at work. I have a lot of banked time (from many years ago) off that I either have to use this year or get cashed out. Getting cashed out has looked like the most likely option because of being busy. Plus, an extra check doesn’t really hurt.

Friday we have parent teacher conferences at the school. The first quarter is drawing to a close and we get updates on how the kids are doing. There is rarely any issues as they tend to be good students with almost all A’s. Thursday is also the Burger Burn event at the school in the evening. The teachers and staff host a party and grill burgers and have other food for the kids and parents. It’s usually a nice social event, but we may not be able to attend this year because of football and cheerleading.

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