Celebrity Mercury Captain Drunk

Hmmm… interesting story out of Seattle today. This Seattle Times article reports that the Captain of the Celebrity Cruises ship Mercury was arrested today for being drunk while preparing to take the ship out of Seattle. Evidently, breathalyzer tests registered twice the legal limit.

This is rather interesting since we will be sailing on the Mercury in November on our Mexico cruise and again in June 2007 on our Alasak cruise. I havent seen the Captain’s name released, but I wonder if its the same guy who was at the helm of the Mercury in 2003 when we last sailed her.

No matter, still looking immensely towards both cruises.


  1. I was wondering if you could let me know after your cruise if you found out who the CAotain was who was fired and who the captain you are sailing with in June is. i have been looking for Captain katazras and the ship he is currently on, but nobody seems to know. If he is the Captain of your ship can you please tell him Gayle is looking for him! Many thanks Have a wonderful cruise!!

  2. The drunk Captain was Periklis Petridis…

    We sailed Mercury in November to Mexico and I believe Captain Katazras was at the helm. Will post back here after the June cruise and let you know who was at the helm…

  3. thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I worked with Captain Periklis on two of Celebrity ships, funny enough he was my safety office onboard the Century and the Galaxy, that is a real shame. I worked with Captain Katazras on the Century when he was my Satff Captain, I was then the Team Activities Coordinator lead for Celebrity Cruises. I used to talk with Captain Katazras a lot but have lost touch with where he is. I would love to take a cruise with him, he is a great guy and very safety conscious. I know my request sounds wierd, but he would appreciate the message. Again have a wonderful time, June is such a pretty time on the Alaska run, I miss it tons.

  4. Hi Gayle, we had a great time on the Mercury in November and we hope that many of the wonderful staff and crew will be back for our Alaska sailing, though we know that many of the staff and crew were hoping to renew on a new ship with a different itinerary. The Mercury is probably my favorite ship because it has the right balance between amenities and intamacy.

    We’ll let he Captain know you said hi!!!!

  5. george cadet says

    hi to all!!!!!
    i’ve been working as cadet with captain periklis petridis and am still really sad that so good people like him have so bad end…..
    the other captain…is not named katazras….is named captain karatzas and is the millenium master

  6. Thanks for the info George… it appears I may have transposed a few letters… my apologies… this would have been last November too… as we sail Mercury again here in a few weeks, we will get to see who is the Master at this time…

  7. george cadet says

    now master on m/v mercury is cpt-Nikos Fratzis…..is a very polite gentleman.

  8. Thanks George, we have just boarded and shall meet him soon. If interested, check the main page here for our daily cruise blog onboard the Mercury to Alaska.

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