Celebrity Mercury Mexico Cruise Photos Uploaded

I have uploaded a batch of photos from our recent cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury to Mexico. This was our first major event since the purchase of the new camera, so hopefully, they have come out nice and everyone can enjoy them.

I think we ended up with something like 500 keeper photos. I selected about 160 of them to upload to Mr Papa’s World to give a good flavor of the wonderful cruise. I think Suzanne is going to be uploading most if not all of those keepers to her Cruise Talk site and do in depth features on a bunch of different aspects of the cruise.

These 160 photos weighed in at about 175 MB, so it took a while to get them uploaded and into the album. As such, most do not have captions or correct names at this point, but I wanted to let everyone take a look at them. Over the weekend, Suzanne and I will be changing the titles to something descriptive and adding a brief description of what each picture is.

In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy the pictures of our recent cruise.

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