Bandera, Texas – Part III

Tuesday was our day to be San Antonio tourists. On the agenda were the River Walk, Mexican lunch, river boat tour, and the Alamo. We started out at the River Center Mall and then walked along the River Walk to one of the oldest and the largest restaurants on the San Antonio River, Casa Rio. […]

Celebrity Mercury Mexico Cruise Photos Uploaded

I have uploaded a batch of photos from our recent cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury to Mexico. This was our first major event since the purchase of the new camera, so hopefully, they have come out nice and everyone can enjoy them. I think we ended up with something like 500 keeper photos. I […]

Day 12 – Cruise Ends

Our wonderful Mexico cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury has come to a conclusion. On Friday morning, at about 7:00 am, we docked back in San Diego. Being that we were driving home and didnt have a flight to catch, we had a late disembarkation time. We were able to enjoy a bit of breakfast […]

Days 10 and 11 – At Sea

The last two days of our wonderful cruise to Mexico have been spent at sea.  We absolutely love the sea days on a cruise and always wish for more of them.  To our surprise, the kids have recently said the same thing.  I think they get a little bit run down going ashore and doing […]

Day 9 – Manzanillo

Today was our final port of call in Manzanillo, Mexico.  The ship docks in a large industrial shipping port and getting off the ship can be a pain in the butt.  You get off and get on a bus that transports you to the center of town where you can get on a taxi or […]

Day 8 – Zihuatenejo

Today, our ship, the Celebrity Mercury, docked in Zihuatenejo, Mexico.  This town is a small, quaint little fishing town on the coast of Mexico.  It looks almost the same as it did 3 years ago when we last visited.  Most of the other ports we had visited, had changed somewhat in the past three years. […]

Day 7 – Acapulco

Today our port of call was Acapulco, Mexico on our wonderful cruise to Mexico on board the Celebrity Cruises Mercury.  The weather continues to be outstanding though it was overcast this morning.  However, the clouds burned off by noon and the sunny weather continued.  The humidity has also risen to high numbers, but its bearable. […]

Day 6 – At Sea

And a gloriuos day it was.  The weather remains perfect and yesterday was the best day of the cruise for me.  I just love days at sea.  They are so peaceful and relaxing.  One is free to do what they want on the ship.  I like to spend time just staring at the ocean of […]

Day 5 – Puerto Vallarta

Today, our port of call is Puerto Vallarta.  The weather is fabulous once again.  There are very few clouds in the sky and no wind.  The weather is comfortable with moderate humidity which I could do without.  As it has been the entire cruise, the water remains unbelievably calm meaning very smooth sailing. Suzanne frequents […]

Day 4 – Mazatlan

Day 4 was in the Mexican port city of Mazatlan.  This city is an industrial port with lots of commerce shipping.  Upon leaving the boat you get on a little trolley that takes you through the port to the exit so you dont have to get lost or run over by the port activity.  As […]