Close (Sort of) But No Cigar For Sean’s Team

Monday meant another baseball game for Sean’s team. They had started the season with two consecutive losses and were hoping to stop that bad streak in this game. Unfortunately, it was not to be as they went down to defeat once again by a score of 19 – 4.

Actually, the game was a whole lot closer than the score indicates. They went into the sixth inning trailing only by a score of 5 – 4. However, their pitcher had reached his pitch limit and they had to put another kid on the mound. While the kid did throw strikes, the baseball looked more like a beachball and the other team had some batting practice as they batted around the order and scored 14 runs in the inning. It was rather painful to watch as the kids pretty much couldn’t do anything on defense. One kid even hit a grand slam home run over the fence.

Sean was back behind the plate and caught a pretty good game. He didn’t fare as well at the plate though as he struck out once and hit two hard one hop grounders that unfortunately were right at the infielders and made for an easy out.

The first three games of the season have been on the road. This Wednesday night we get to have our first home game which means about 30 minutes less driving and an opportunity to get home before 10:00. Hopefully, they can put the home field advantage to use as they play the same team as Monday night.


  1. What a character-building season. Hope he’s having fun.

  2. its certainly a reversal from last year when they were the champs!

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