Comcast – Bad ISP

I sure am having struggles with Comcast of late. They are not my ISP, but I have maybe half a dozen contacts, including family, that do use the Comcast internet service. Over the period of the last six months they have intermittently blocked me from sending email to Comcast subscribers thinking I am a spammer. Now, they dont really think I am a spammer, but instead say my IP is reasonably close to that of spammers, so I get default blocked. I guess my definition of close is much different than theirs given what they say the problem IPs were and what my IP is.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I would simply send them a remove me from blacklist email and they would comply. Now, they seem to be completely ignoring me. If I was a subscriber, I would not be very happy that they were blocking email from coming to me. Let me filter my own spam. Evidently, I can do a better job than they can :rolll:

I dont have any issues that I am aware of with any other providers, just the fools at Comcast. I continue to send the black list removal emails to them, but no response or action on their part. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at their ineptitude or lack of service since I am not a customer. But then again, I doubt I ever will be, especially after this fiasco.

I think it’s time to write a rule in my email to auto send the blacklist request for all of my returned mail from them. I doubt it would make any difference but when they were unblocking it had the appearance that a human was in the loop. Maybe they will get the message, but I wont be holding my breath.

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