Cruise IQ

Tonight, we played a round of Cruise IQ. It’s not one of my favorite games, but Suzanne and the kids really like the game.

The game is basically Trivial Pursuit but dealing with cruising. The object of the game is to cruise your ship around the World to various ports and answer trivia questions in each port. If the port color matches your chosen color and you answer the question correctly, you get a point. First to eight points wins.

Savannah struggles a bit with the game, but thoroughly enjoys it. Sean is quite good at the game and even won tonight. Suzanne is the usual winner. I get one now and then, but I am not really a trivia buff or trivia game aficionado.

If I were to have designed the game, I would have made the questions be related to the port you are in. Sometimes, this is the case, but not always. It’s a nit, but still a detraction for me. That said, the game still makes for fun. The kids get very animated playing the game and that’s half the fun.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Brett and I enjoyed playing this game with you when we were there.

    It is exciting!


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