Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 20 – Flight Home

Today, the vacation really came to an end as we flew home from San Juan, Puerto Rico ending a wonderful cruise and overall vacation. We had a lot of great family fun on this trip and had many chances to increase our bond as a family. Cruising has been really wonderful for us. Of course, […]

Fun Day in Willcox

Yesterday being Saturday meant another day on the road for a football game. Sean’s game yesterday was in Willcox, AZ. Willcox is about 75 minutes away, so we planned make it most of a day trip to Willcox, which is another small rural town in SE Arizona and beloved home of deceased cowboy Rex Allen. […]

At The Lions Game

As detailed before, we spent Sunday and Monday this week in Phoenix. Sean and I attended the Detroit Lions vs the Arizona Cardinals NFL game on Sunday afternoon. Suzanne and Savannah went along to have some girl time out and then some family time at the end of the day and Monday. Unfortunately, the Lions […]

Another Defeat

Sean’s football team went down to defeat again today. This time, the score was 26 – 6. The game was much closer than the score indicates though. Sean’s team actually received the kickoff to begin the game and then held the ball for the entire first quarter in one of the longest drives I have […]

Sean’s Football Team Starts The Season With A Loss

Today, Sean’s football team opened their new season. Sean’s team hasn’t won a game in the last two years. They were hoping to turn their fortunes around today. They actually had 17 on the roster today, which is good for out country area. Unfortunately, the opposing team, which has won the title the last few […]

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was extremely busy, but very fun for us. The weekend started Friday night with us enjoying the relatively new Blu-Ray player. We have been watching many old movies in high def. Some are simple upconverts and not a tremendous increase in resolution. Others have been remastered and are downright beautiful. This weekend […]

Boardgames on the Xbox 360

As my loyal readers (gotta be at least 8 of ya) know, we are pretty avid boardgamers. The family loves sitting down on the weekend and spending hours playing boardgames. Actually, the kids would love to play even more. Our game closet at home must have 50 different boardgames in it. Lately, the boardgame industry […]

A Day Early Memorial Day Activities

We celebrated Memorial Day a day early today. Having to go back to work and school on Tuesday, it made more sense to have the festivities today, instead of tomorrow. Being Sunday, we started the day with Mass at the fire station. We are getting close to building our own church. We have some the […]

Cruise IQ

Tonight, we played a round of Cruise IQ. It’s not one of my favorite games, but Suzanne and the kids really like the game. The game is basically Trivial Pursuit but dealing with cruising. The object of the game is to cruise your ship around the World to various ports and answer trivia questions in […]

Ricky Bobby

Okay, that’s the main character’s name from Talladega Nights, a comedy about a Nascar driver. Wil Ferrell is the star. Based on the trailers, it did not look like a movie we would enjoy – not really our style of humor. Last night, the family got together to watch this movie. The family absolutely loved […]