Day 1 – Dance Recital

Grandmother and Grandpop showed up just fine yesterday. They had an uneventful trip, which is always good. Suzanne picked them up at the aiport and they promptly went to Guilleremos for lunch. That seems to be a tradition for them to eat at that nice Mexican resteraunt. It was an odd day in Sonoita yesterday as it actually rained. It seemed like a monsoonal rain, but its too early as our monsoon season doesnt usually start until the end of June or early July. I cant remember the last time it rained here.

The first night of the dance recital for Suzanne, Sean and Savannah went very well. The auditorium was jam packed with a crowd that must have been near a thousand folks. Everyone performed quite well. Despite it being Sean’s first time on stage, he did exceedingly well and seem right at home with “his boys”. Tonight will be the second night of the recital.

Though my track record here hasnt been too good, I will try to get some pictures up next week.


  1. Tell us more about the recital – details

  2. I have uploaded some photos – check em out! Also, Suzanne will post a detailed entry about the recitals later today. Check back for em.

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