Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Trip

This weekend was a very special weekend. It was the 90th birthday of my Grandmother. Her official birthday was Saturday, but the festivities began on Thursday as friends and relatives rolled in from all over the county. I think folks came from 12 different states to attend the birthday parties. Most of the folks, like […]

Vacation Finally Here!

Well, finally its here! A vacation. Right about now, we are jetting our way to Michigan for a little family reunion. I am in desperate need of a vacation as this will essentially be my first of the year. We did take a week back in March for a Pechuls family reunion, but I was […]

Whole Family Going To Grandma’s Birthday

Today, we decided to go ahead take the whole family to my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday parties. We had been contemplating whether just I should go or the whole family should go. When we first started looking at the trip, tickets were running pretty high. I have a couple of tickets I could get on miles, […]

Heart Saver CT Scan

During my recent holiday vacation, I took the opportunity to visit the Tucson Heart Hospital and get a Heart Saver CT Scan. First, I am not currently having any issues or symptoms of heart problems, but given a recent rash of friends, co-workers and relatives suffering heart attacks and/or issues, and given my family history […]

Cloudcroft, New Mexico Trip

We recently returned from our holiday trip to Cloudcroft, NM. The trip was between Christmas and New Years and was spent in a cabin with Suzanne’s parents (Brett and Anne) and her sisters family (David, Mary Fran, Hailey, Holly and David Jr). Her parents sprang for almost all of the expenses of the trip. It […]

Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Update

Today, I have finally spent the time and made a major update to the Klasen Family tree here on Mr Papa’s World. I was recently contacted by my second cousin, once removed, Nancy Kott who found these pages. She and Norma Mackela have been able to provide me with lots of new information on my […]

Another Klasen Family Tree Update

Tonight, I have made another major update to the Klasen Family Tree. This was a pretty easy update to make, but it significantly increased the size of the tree once again. I concentrated on an area that I hadnt touched before – The Brunks. My sister Kelly is married to Timothy John Brunk and I […]

Bachelor Time

Hooah! Two weeks of being a bachelor for Mr Papa! Suzanne and the kids are off to Dallas for a couple of weeks on their annual trip. Twenty years ago, being a bachelor for a couple of weeks might have meant some wild times. Now, it just means peace and quiet for my video gaming […]

Day 1 – Dance Recital

Grandmother and Grandpop showed up just fine yesterday. They had an uneventful trip, which is always good. Suzanne picked them up at the aiport and they promptly went to Guilleremos for lunch. That seems to be a tradition for them to eat at that nice Mexican resteraunt. It was an odd day in Sonoita yesterday […]

Busy Weekend Upcoming

We have a busy weekend for the Klasen family coming up starting tomorrow. This weekend is Suzanne, Sean and Savannah’s big summer dance recital. They have been taking classes for a while now and it culminates once again this summer with the big recital. The show occurs on Friday and Saturday nights. Mr Papa will […]