Die Hard Marathon

This past weekend was another nice weekend watching older movies. With the current release of Die Hard 4, I had an urge to watch the first three movies in the series. Also, Sean hadn’t seen any of them and he was definitely interested in seeing the fourth one, so I figured it was time to introduce them to him.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any of them on DVD (not sure why given how much I enjoy them), so I had to go and purchase them. I was able to pick up a boxed set of the first three Die Hard movies for $30. They will definitely get plenty of air time in the future. Suzanne was a bit disappointed to learn that we were doing the marathon this weekend since she too likes the movies, but was out of town for her Grandmother’s funeral.

We watched the Die Hard 1 on Saturday night. Sean was really into the movie though he missed some of the subtleties. We watched the next two Die Harder and Die Hard with A Vengeance on Sunday afternoon. We really enjoyed these also. Sean said he liked the first one the best, followed by the second and the third one lastly. For me, one and two are pretty close to a toss up, though I might also give the nod to the first one.

Sean is now very anxious to see the Live Free, Die Hard movie in the theater. I may have created a monster who may not let up on going to see it. I probably would just wait for the DVD release since I much prefer movies on my theater system than going to an actual theater. I am not sure that will happen now. With our trip to Anaheim imminent for the Showstopper National Dance Competition, maybe Sean and I can slip out one afternoon and catch the movie. That may turn out to be too hard though as Suzanne also wants to see the movie and I doubt Savannah will have any interest.


  1. Really liked the first one. Didn’t see any of the others.

    Kelly, Tim and boys left yesterday. Jeri and Monica come in tomorrow. Hosting a dinner party for 9 family members Saturday. Too busy to get old.

  2. go girl go!

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