Vantage Point

We just finished watching a very good movie this evening. The movie was Vantage Point. It had very novel concept of seeing events and then backtracking. The move viewed one specific event from the eyes of about six different people. It would first show you the event, in this case, the assassination of the US […]

Sean’s Birthday Festivities

Sean’s Birthday was last Thursday, but today we had his fun day. Most of the presents were opened last week, but today was his day on the town. As previously mentioned, the kids get a party with their friends every other year and then on the other year, we have a family day. It started […]

No Country For Old Men

Holy Cow, what a bad movie that was. We should have known better being that No Country For Old Men won Best Picture, but still, we gave it a shot because of the long list of stars in the movie. Suzanne has been saying that “her 10 year kid could have written a better ending […]

Transformers Movie

This past weekend, we finally got around to watching the Transformers movie. We have had it from Netflix for a while, but I kept putting off watching it as I was not very interested in the movie. I remember the transformers from my younger days and it was very hokey to say the least. So, […]

Die Hard Marathon

This past weekend was another nice weekend watching older movies. With the current release of Die Hard 4, I had an urge to watch the first three movies in the series. Also, Sean hadn’t seen any of them and he was definitely interested in seeing the fourth one, so I figured it was time to […]

Movie Fest

As Suzanne and the kids have been in Dallas since the cruising visiting with her family, I have had an opportunity to watch a lot of old classic movies. Well, maybe not really classics, but old movie that I really like. Last night was a bit different as I rented a couple of movies that […]