Elliptical Trainer Woes

Recently, I posted about our troubles getting our new elliptical trainer operational. Today, Suzanne was finally able to get a hold of their support folks to try to track down the problem. After a few minutes of talking to the support rep, their answer was “Oh, you need the A/C power adapter and that will fix your issues”. Of course, our reply was “You mean the optional power adapter”? And that is exactly what they meant. So much for the power adapter being optional.

Now this is a Nordic Trac elliptical trainer, so it’s not an off the wall brand. It completely blows my mind that this optional thingy is required to make something work. Sounds almost like a bait and switch type deal to get more money out of ya. Heck, we didn’t even know that the unit didn’t come with a power supply until we put it together and the directions said to put in the batteries.

By the time Suzanne got done with them, they were more than willing to ship us a power adapter free of charge. Only issue is that it will take a week to get here. Hopefully, this will indeed solve the issue.


  1. Great job, Suzanne! Way to go–but sorry you have to wait another week to use your new equipment.


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