Sean Broke His Foot

Monday morning during PE Class, Sean rolled his foot on the basketball court while playing capture the flag. It was hurting him when I picked him up from school, but he was still able to walk on it. I sent him to football practice, but after about a 1/2 hour the coach noticed that he […]

Tooth Fairy Bonanza

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Sean. He has been in tooth fairy hell. Not because he has been having his teeth fall out, but because of the opposite. Sean has been a wee bit upset of late because Savannah has been losing a lot of her baby teeth. Sean doesn’t like the […]

Interesting Web Site

First and foremost, I am not claiming what that image says. In fact, I had some trepidation about doing this post, but after the initial shock (and laugh) its a serious site. Recently, on the open source WordPress forum plugin that I help develop, we had a support request from a site called I Married […]

Sleep Number Beds

A while back I mentioned that we were going to be purchasing a new Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. Our previous mattress had served us well, but was 14 years old. Suzanne and I believed that we also preferred different style mattresses. The Sleep Number Bed seemed like a perfect fit. About four weeks ago, […]

Savannah Donates Her Hair

A while back Savannah heard about a program where, after a haircut, you could donate your hair for the making of a wig for those who are suffering from cancer or some other ailment or treatment where they had lost their hair. The only catch was that you had to have 7 inches or more […]

Working Out

I have been doing pretty good lately at my workouts. I have been hitting the elliptical trainer pretty hard. I am using it about 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Each workout burns between 300 and 400 calories, so I am pretty pleased with my efforts. I have been doing this regime for a […]

Visit To The Eye Doctor

Today, I went to see my eye doctor for a my roughly annual eye checkup. I do actually see an ophthalmologist due to occasional eye problems related to an arthritic condition. Luckily, the arthritic condition doesn’t really impact me, but the eye does when it flares up, which seems to be about every two years. […]

Another Baseball Win

Sean’s team won their baseball game again tonight. It was another landslide victory by a score of 17 – 0. They remain undefeated for the year. It looks like they will go undefeated again this year. Tonight was the first game of the season that I could not attend. The game was over at Ft […]

More Heart Tests

Well, the good news came back today… My heart is completely healthy… As detailed in previous posts, there is some heart disease that runs in my family. Both my Grandfather and Father passed away from heart attacks. My Dad was only 47. As I am not too far away from that at 43, I am […]

Elliptical Trainer Saga Continues and 300

Unfortunately, our saga with our new elliptical trainer continues. The A/C power converter arrived on Friday and Suzanne spent about 2 hours with the support folks trying to the elliptical trainer to work. When the converter was attached and the system plugged in, nothing happened. They had Suzanne switch a connector between the electronics “head” […]