Expensive Video Gaming Fall Coming

It’s shaping up to be an expensive fall for video games. There is a whole slate of promising video games coming out that I don’t know if I will be able to resist.

First, on September 25th, Halo 3 becomes available. As avid Halo fans that have finished the first two episodes many times over, Sean and I are very eagerly awaiting this release. This will be the final installment of the Halo series and should be quite the game. We still boot up Halo and Halo 2 to this day to play. The Halo series have all been first person shooters.

Then, in November, Call of Duty 4 releases. Again, Sean and I have been avid fans of the Call of Duty series and have played all of the previous versions. The previous versions dealt with the WWII era. For the first time, the Call of Duty series goes modern. The game will now take place in the modern era with modern soldiers and weapons. The graphics and gameplay look very nice. We still play Call of Duty 2 and 3 today. Call of Duty is also a first person shooter.

Also releasing in November is Mass Effect. This game has been hyped for a very long time. Right around the time of the Xbox 360 release, they began the hype. It was never slated for 1st generation game release, but has been hyped for several years none the less. The maker of Mass Effect is Bioware and they are best known for the Baldurs Gate and Knights of the Old Republic series. Years ago, we used to play a lot of Baldurs Gate. Sean still plays KOTOR today. The game is Role Playing Game.

Also, you may remember my posts about the Madden 08 game and how I was going to hold off on purchasing it. Well, I did, but Sean didn’t. Turns out he used the leftover Birthday money from the redecoration of his room in NE Patriots theme, to purchase the game. I haven’t played it since he bought it, but he has logged many hours.

In addition to the above mentioned games, a whole bunch more awaited games will debut this fall. This is just the short list that I am interested in. I am sure other titles will appeal to other people equally as much as these do to me.


  1. I’ve only played Call of Duty 3, but I thought it was great. I’ve never played Halo, but all I’ve ever heard were good things. Since I’m a PC gamer only, I think I’ve been missing out!

  2. Xbox 360 is great! I still play PC games too… mostly World of Warcraft now… I dont have a big expensive gaming PC…

    Call of Duty 4 looks really impressive especially with the new modern touch…

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