Birthday Fun

As I mentioned this weekend, it was Savannah’s Birthday and we headed into town for fun and dinner. First stop was the mall as Savannah wanted to walk around and shop with some money she had received for her birthday. It was kind of convenient too since the movie theater was right there. She ended […]

Expensive Video Gaming Fall Coming

It’s shaping up to be an expensive fall for video games. There is a whole slate of promising video games coming out that I don’t know if I will be able to resist. First, on September 25th, Halo 3 becomes available. As avid Halo fans that have finished the first two episodes many times over, […]

Xbox 360 Call of Duty Patch

Finally, Infinity Ward has released information on the long awaited patch for COD2 on the Xbox 360 to address some multiplayer issues. The games is really good, but at times connection issues can make the online experience very frustrating. Unfortunately, I did not see a date for the patch release. Here’s some of what we […]

Xbox 360? Absolutely!

After one month of playing the new Xbox 360, I can say without hesitation that it is absolutely wonderful. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is fun. It blows my legacy xboxes out of the water (which are a step above a Playstation 2). I have heard rumors of some HW issues, but I […]