Family Karoake Night

This is a few days late, but work hours have been poor the last couple of weeks trying to get out a project. This weekend, we had another session of family karoake night. It’s not one of my favorites as I don’t sing, but the kids and Suzanne love it.

Actually, they call it Papa’s Choice Karaoke night. Since I don’t sing, they set me up at the mixing board/amplifier and pick karaoke songs for them to sing all night. I give them a variety of songs that they know and ones that they don’t know. The kids have a blast and Suzanne is always happy to be singing.

We also throw in a couple of surprise contests like best costume, best impersonation, funniest karaoke song or most serious/emotional song. The kids really get into the contests where they have to find a costume and act while doing the singing. Judging the contests always falls to me too. I usually mix it up as to who wins since Suzanne can obviously sing better than the kids.

This family karaoke night lasted a bit over 3 hours. That’s a long time, but my enjoyment comes from watching the kids have fun. I rarely just sit and listen to music any more, so it also gives me a chance to pick some songs, ableit with different vocals, from the past that I enjoy.

As this past Saturday was a nice cool night, we had the windows and doors open. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought of us. Guess you will have to just come and experience family karoake night with us.

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