Family Update

Just a quick family update as I haven’t posted in a few days due to getting slammed at work and in preparation for our upcoming trip to Anaheim…

It seems that Suzanne managed to lose our digital camera while attending her Grandmother’s funeral last week. She is not even sure where she lost it, but it is definitely gone. It was a pretty new camera and one that we liked, so it’s loss will not go unnoticed. We have no plans to buy another in the near future so we will have dig out the old digital camera that is much less capable and reliable. So, picture updates to Mr Papa’s World will probably be fewer until we decide to spring for another camera.

Luckily, we had uploaded all of our Alaska Cruise pictures from the camera prior to her going to the funeral, so we still have those. Suzanne is hard a work touching up the photos and getting them ready for upload. If all goes well, I will begin uploading the cruise pictures to Mr Papa’s World this weekend. With preparation and such for the Anaheim trip, it’s possible that it won’t happen this weekend.

Speaking of Anaheim, next week is the Showstopper National Dance Competition in Anaheim, California. We will be heading out on Tuesday. It’s about an 8 hour drive from our house. We will be returning on Sunday. In between, there will be a whole bunch of dancing for Suzanne, Sean and Savannah and a whole bunch of sitting for Mr Papa. It should be fun watching them, but hopefully, the periods in between won’t be too long. Based on the schedule, they won’t be dancing on Friday, so Sean and I will probably go see Die Hard 4 while the girls attend a dance workshop. We had tried to get tickets for a TV show taping and did manage to get them for Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, but will end up turning them in since it conflicted with a dance workshop. They have all been busy the last week or so putting the finishing touches on their dances.

I finally sprung and bought some new pillows for our bed. The ones we have been using must have been 20 years old. I have been wanting some nice down filled European style pillows like in the nicer hotels for some time. Last weekend, I had finally had enough of the old ones and spent $150 to get a couple of nice ones. Boy, what a difference. They are tremendous and the sleep comfort has increased. I think I am even sleeping better just from the pillows. We still have a new bed, perhaps a Select Number Bed, on our list. Our current bed is almost 15 years old.

We also finally took the plunge and upgraded our standard definition TIVO to a high definition DVR. It has more storage spaces and can now record the high definition programs that we much prefer to watch. It also has two receivers so that it can record two programs at once or record a program while we watch a recorded program. These aren’t new by any stretch, we have just held out on upgrading until the price came down a bit. I am still anxious to replace my 4 year old high def TV with a new HDMI compliant one and upgrade our sound system too. Of course, when I do that, I will also need to make my decision on the high def DVD player (Blue Ray vs HD-DVD). It only takes money…

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