Family Update 3/2/07

Wow, been three days since my last post.  I have been really enjoying rediscovering America’s Army.  I havent been playing it too much until the last couple of days.  So, what’s going on…

Since Suzanne forgot to take her camera to the Showstopper Dance Competition in Phoenix a couple of weekends ago, we dont have any pictures.  One of the other dads who was there recently gave her a CD with a mess of pictures from the competition. So, we are cleaning them up and should get them posted up here this weekend.  Be on the watch for them!

Tomorrow, Savannah goes to Young Authors.  To qualify for the event, you have to write a story and have it judged one of the best in the school.  Then, the winners go on a bus trip somewhere (Phoenix? or Tucson?)  for an event where authors speak and you can meet childrens authors.  There is also writing workshops and such.  Or at least thats how I understand it.  Sean has been to several of them and really enjoyed them.  This will be Savannah’s first trip and she is really excited.  She has to be at the school at 6:00 am tomorrow, so I guess we dont get a late Saturday sleep in.  Luckily, we dont have to go.

I have recently began in earnest again my workout regime.  I havent been able to do much lately since something happened to my foot in November.  I feel really out of shape right now.  I have been getting on the treadmill most days after work.   Today was a day off but I went out there anyways.  After about 12 minutes, the treadmill shut dow.  This is like the third time in the last year or so it has died.  The last few times it has been a fuse, but this still cant be good.  I wonder if someone is telling me dont workout :wink:  It might be time for a new treadmill.  This one doesnt owe us anything as its over 10 years old.

Alright, back to a night of Americas Army…


  1. When you tell people that you have spent a lot of time lately in AA, they may get the wrong idea! Oh yeah…America’s Army….not that other AA!

    I wish I had some more time to play……time has been at a premium lately. Work has even taken over my family time lately as I have to write performance reports/military personnel paperwork on evenings/weekends. This will get old real quick!


  2. 😆 yup… that’s why it’s spelled out 😉

    time for America’s Army 😛 has been hard for me to0… but luckily, it’s been other personal endeavors that have been limiting it…

    come back to our other project when you can – no hurry… Bernard’s still around, but having some medical issues limiting his time too…

    I consider myself blessed to have a great job that pays me well and doesn’t encroach on my personal life too much.

  3. Just for correctness, the Young Authors deal is in Casa Grande…

  4. What do you call he help group for people who are addicted to America’s Arm? Would that be AAA? Hey maybe they can get your husband off the computer all the time and provide free towing and roadside assistance?

  5. He he :). AAA, or Triple A, would be an appropriate tagline……so many meanings….including Automobile Assn of America AND Anti-Aircraft Artillery…..

  6. Boy, Suzanne is funny. I’m still chuckling. Me – I have to make myself get on the computer. It is a real chore.

  7. Congratulations, Savannah, on being included in the Young Authors field trip. I know you had a great time.



  8. She had a great time. She was so excited that she got up at 1:30 am for the trip. She thought it was 4:30 and just went and watched TV. Let’s just say that she was very tired when she got home.

  9. Bernard Doddema says

    We all know what happened to that treadmill….you went Rambo on it, didn’t you?! 🙂 It sounds like Savannah had quite the day. I would have loved something like that when I was younger. Might have encouraged me more to write!

    Paul, I remember writing those EPR’s. Ugh!!!! That I don’t miss!

    Suzanne, I had a friend who got so tired of her husband playing non-stop on the computer that she literally threw it!!!! He spent some time with the family after that….until income tax when he bought himself another. 😉 But we know Papa isn’t that bad

  10. If only it was Rambo… He was a lot more fit than I am 🙁

  11. By the way I did fix the treadmill. It seams that the treadmill is supposed to be able to handle up to 300 lbs no problem and Steve is well under that, but with age the treadmill has lost some efficiency and over heats on Mr. Papa, blowing the fuse. What a great excuse not to exercise,…”I weigh to much and break the treadmill.”


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