Family Update 7/28/07

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately, I seem to have picked up a nasty cold while in Anaheim for the Showstopper National Dance Competition. Actually, the whole family got minor colds except for me who got the doozy. We are talking serious chest and head congestion with a running nose and wicked cough. Yesterday, the right ear blocked up.

Now, I don’t get sick very often. In fact, it’s been almost 15 years since I have missed a day at work from sickness. The ear blocking is a good thing as it usually means the cold is on the way out for me. I do feel better than the last few days of last week, but I need to stop coughing at night so as to get some sleep – maybe tonight.

A Happy Birthday to my sister Kelly who turned 42 yesterday! I believe she is out and about in Michigan researching locals for our next family reunion up there next Summer. We are rooting for her to find some good places to enjoy each others company.

My computer also took a nose dive last week. After booting into Windows, it would just simply hang. About 1 time out of ten, it would come up with some errors but I could do most things. Finally on Friday, it just refused to come up. I got lucky this time as a repair attempt with my Windows installation CD was able to fix the problem. Still, I hate having to mess with it.

Suzanne finally finished with the our recent Alaska Cruise images. I have uploaded them here at Mr Papa’s World but we still need to add the titles and description of the images. That should be forthcoming in the next day or two. I will post when they are completely ready, but feel free to check them out in the gallery now if you desire.

Well, around the time of the Showstopper National Dance Competition, I finally pulled the trigger and bought new equipment for my theater room. We got a new HDTV, a Blu-Ray Hi Def DVD player, a new A/V Receiver and a DirecTV HD DVR. I will do a post in the next few days on the equipment specifics and why I upgraded. We had someone come over today and look at our old HDTV, so hopefully we will get that sold soon to offset some of the cost.

Just a couple more weeks of Summer for the kids before they head off back to school. I think the official date is Aug 13th. Seems a bit odd to already picking up school supplies for them, but with the traveling we did this Summer, it just flew by. Sean moves into Middle School so he is excited. They just got their standard test scores back from last year and continue to excel. Overall, they were both in the 90th percentile in Arizona. Sean topped out at 99 percentile in Math and Savannah at 95 in Reading.

I received another whole bunch of genealogy updates from John Butler on Suzanne’s side of the family. He has provided a lot of good info on some of her family members. I continue to be negligent in my genealogy research. I have a bunch of data to input, I just need to find the time. Maybe with all of our family vacations out of the way (unfortunately), I can get to them here in the next few weeks.

We watched our first Blu-Ray movie tonight on the new system. It was Fly Boys and looked absolutely stunning. The story and the movie were good too. Definitely worth a watch.

Okay, off to cook dinner…


  1. Sorry to hear about your cold and PC issues.

    Cool upgrades…..weren’t you the one telling me not to waste my money on BlueRay (and go XBox 360)? I am thinking of buying a new Tivo HD box (they just released a cheap(er) one). I am getting sick of the cheap imitation that my cable company uses. Tivo is the only way to go….much better interface. I wish I knew you needed a DirecTV HD DVR…I have one collecting dust in the basement!! I will probably use it again someday….I just dropped DirecTV since the current lease property wasn’t wired for it. My DirecTV DVR was a Tivo based unit…I think DirecTV either bought Tivo, or at least the rights to use it in their DVRs.


  2. No, I didn’t say bypass Blu-Ray… I said Xbox 360 instead of Sony PS3 for a gaming platform… it does just happen that Xbox 360 supports HD-DVD and Sony PS3 supports Blu-Ray… My Blu-Ray player is not a Sony – its a Samsung…

    DirecTV and Tivo used to be tied at the hip… Now all new DVR players with DirecTV are their own DVR player/format… I think they still support some legacy Tivo players, but they dont do anymore new ones…

    Cold went with an absolutely awful week at work… have to drop ya a line about that one…

  3. Nothing worse than a summer cold but luckily you’ll be back to your old self quickly!

    I still haven’t seen the HD effect. Of course, I don’t have a widescreen TV either…we’re still operating in the 90’s I guess….old school. Someday, probably around retirement, we’ll upgrade. Of course, by then I’m expecting holodeck novels and such. One can always wish. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I liken HD vs standard def to when we essentially switched TVS from black and white (yes I had some of those) to color… the difference is at least that dramatic…

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