Family Update 8-27-08

Sorry for the dearth of updates lately – I seem to have been caught up in several other endeavors at the moment. Of course, these include World of Warcraft, which gets an hour or two most days, and working on some websites.

We had a busy weekend with the kids this pas weekend. We played a couple of boardgames including Nacho Incident again. That is quickly becoming a favorite of the kids. I think we will have to give a couple of other boardgames by the same designer a try too. The first one we get will probably be Monkeys on the Moon. We have been playing that one every weekend since we got it and thus have not yet even tried the Wyatt Earp mystery rummy game yet – soon.

This weekend we also had a little mini birthday party for Sean. He wanted to take three of his friends for a day of bowling and food in Tucson. Unfortunately, only two could make it, but fun was still had by all.

It has to have been two or three years since I last bowled. In my heyday, I was a pretty good bowler, carrying a 211 average in the last set of leagues I bowled in. At one point, I even entered and competed in a regional professional bowling tournament. I finished something like 52 out of 75 bowlers. I was pretty happy with my position even though I didn’t really bowl that well.

The bowling alley was a zoo. There was a zillion kids running around and screaming – certainly not my kind of environment for bowling. Still, the kids had a wonderful time. I didn’t even break 150 for the two games I bowled, but it didn’t really matter. Bowling is one of those things that go by the wayside when you get married and have kids.

Sean also wanted to go eat dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. That is one of his favorite spots when we visit Tucson. Of course, I am always happy to eat some of their Spicy Garlic wings. I am not sure why Sean likes it there so much since he usually gets a cheeseburger. On second thought, its the video trivia game playing on some of the TVs that the kid really like. They really get a kick out of the trivia games while eating dinner.

Football and cheerleading practice continue to progress well. Sean’s team is a bit shorthanded but hope to find a few more kids to play so they can occasionally spell some of the players. This is the first year the coach has given him a playbook to study and learn. He thinks thats just great instead of learning plays on the field. I think the season starts in a couple of weeks.

Luckily, this is a short week at work. Friday is an off day and then we also get Monday off for Labor Day. I could use a vacation right about now. It’s been a hectic past month or two at work and a break in order. I just need to get to Thanksgiving after which I only work two weeks the rest of the year.

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