Feeling Like An Idiot

As a pretty technical savvy guy, I am feeling like quite an idiot tonight. For the last year or two since we replaced our last HDTV with our current model, we have struggled with an issue on the TV that I have been unable to resolve. But, that’s not where the problem really lies.

This Samsung DLP TV has been a really good TV. I have set up a movie mode that is a series of settings optimized for TV viewing at night. However, whenever I would select this movie mode I had created and calibrated, the setting would revert back to default or dynamic mode after about 30 minutes.

It was really aggravating while watching a movie to have to change the settings back every 30 minutes during the movie. It definitely interrupted the flow of the movie.

I had scoured the manual and settings on the TV looking for a way to rid the TV of this cursed devil, but to no avail. Tonight, while watching Indiana Jone IV, it reached a breaking point. After the movie I vowed to find a solution to this problem. I searched the net once again for other folks with the same problem and came up pretty empty.

I sadly marched back into the room where Suzanne and Sean were watching special features and announced that “I was unsuccessful in finding a solution to the Toshiba TV switching modes automatically”. To which Suzanne calmly responded “That’s nice, but our TV is a Samsung”.

Have you ever had one of those “Oh Sh*t!” moments? Well, that was one of those moments Big Time. I promptly went back to the computer and searched again with the right brand of TV and instantly found thousands of hits with other folks having the same problem.

Turns out there is a Shop Mode on Samsung TVs for display in the showroom of stores. It reverts the TV settings back to default every 30 minutes to account for potential customers messing with the settings. Great for the store, but not great for the consumer. Luckily, armed with info from the net, I was able to get it out of shop mode in about 30 seconds and I am a happy camper now – except for still feeling pretty stupid over the whole internet searching deal.


  1. Pretty funny….if I had a dime for every time I have done something similar…..well, enough said

    * Paul Tobin´s lastest post: Long Time, No Post!

  2. lol Join the rest of us silly people

  3. I “Starred” out your profanity. Really !!!! Must you use language like that on the internet, even when you are describing how stupid you are???

    Well I’ve done some pretty stupid things too, so we’ll forgive this one, but watch your language. This is supposed to be a family oriented blog.

    Love you,

  4. well, at least the issue is corrected… For those with a Samsung and similar issue, press the info button. hopefully, its says dynamic which is good. If it says Shop Mode, you need to get it out of there.

    On the side panel of the TV (not the remote), press volume up once and then press menu and hold until it says dynamic mode. you are all set.

  5. Steve….funny stuff! I love my Samsung!

    Hook up a PS3 and it automatically adjusts movies to fit the screen. Simply amazing!

    Hey, listen to your wife potty mouth! LOL!

    * Bernard Doddema Jr.´s lastest post: Thomas Bernard Wheeler

  6. Bernard, most hdtvs can do that. I was referring to custom calibration of color, contrast, brightness, etc getting overwritten every 30 minutes by the defaults (which always suck). doing a custom calibration makes a picture so much better but was aggravating to have to reset it every 30 minutes – and being an idiot and not fixing it sooner!

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