Football and Cheerleading Season To Begin This Saturday

It is upon us once again – the busy time of the year. Sean and Savannah have been very busy the past couple of months with nightly football and cheerleading practice or dance class. This Saturday is the first game of the season. Suzanne is once again the cheerleading coach.

Sean’s team hasn’t won a game in the last two years. This has frustrated him to no end. He has been one of the strong players on the team. One reason for the rough record is the lack of kids playing on his team the past few years. They have been lucky to field 15 or 16 players for a game, so a bunch end up playing both ways and its tough on the kids. Also, living out in the middle of nowhere, we are the smallest town that tries to field a team.

This year he is moving up in age group and it looked like they would have enough kids to field a complete offense and defense. However, as practices began and some kids didn’t show up and other quit after a few days, the team is down once again to about 16 kids. So, it looks like playing both ways again for Sean and most likely another long season. It would make him so happy if they could at least pull off on win this year. I must say the coaches are more impressive than they have been in the past too. Sean was given a playbook early on in the practices to learn – the first time that has happened.

Right now, it looks like Sean will play left guard on offense and then move to outside linebacker on defense. He has practiced a bit at strong safety too. I continue to think he should excel at linebacker. He has a nose for the ball and has often led the team in tackles the past few seasons. Of course, being the youngest age in the league could also make it harder for him this year.

Obviously, I will keep yall posted on the team’s progress during the season and we will try to get a few photos of both Sean playing football and Savannah cheerleading to put up here too.


  1. Have a fun season!



  2. Go team!

    Go cheerleaders!

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