Football Season Begins

It’s that time of the year again – football season! It’s the best time of the year for me. I really enjoy football on the weekends.

For us, that typically means two things: Detroit Lions football and Sean’s football games. Now, we watch lots of NFL games on Sunday (and Monday) but it all revolves about when the Lions play. Yeah, call me a glutton for punishment, but after 45 years, I have to stick with my boys. Who knows? Someday…..

As for Sean, you may remember he broke his foot in gym class. Despite all his injuries (broken arm, foot, etc), none have been from football – knock on wood. The injury has limited his practice time. He finally returned to full pads and workouts this week! The time away has meant he is on the second team now at defensive end, so he has to earn his starting spot back.

Their first game was supposed to be this weekend, but as you cam see from the image below, the game was called for rain and lightening as our monsoon season begins to wind down. The field is actually somewhere out there in the outfield. The cancellation means he hasn’t missed a game this year. But, can he get his starting job back by the game this Saturday? I doubt it but I am not exactly worried about giving the foot another week to fully heal – as long as he does get it back.


  1. Lucky for Sean that he hasn’t missed any games. Lucky for us that we have not had any hurricanes.

    Rain, rain, go away!!

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