Football Season is Here

Oh yeah! It’s that time of the year again. Football Season! Along with the cooling of temperatures here in Arizona and our annual fall/winter cruise approaching, this is an awesome time of the year! College football is already under way. The NFL starts tonight. And, Sean’s football season begins this weekend.

I am actually holding out some hope for the Detroit Lions this season. They made some good strides last year and Coach Rod completed his house cleaning this off season. He now has a team in his image. It will be interesting to see if “his team” is able to put it together.

Not that it matters much, but the Lions did go 4 – 0 in the pre-season. I still think the team to beat in the NFC North is the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions have a good shot at the number two slot since Chicago didn’t really do much to improve and the Green Bay Packers may have actually taken steps backwards. The big question for the Vikings this year will be quarterback. The rest of their team is solid, but the QB slot is the one spot where a single guy playing poorly can damage the whole team.

At one point last year, the Lions were 6 – 2 before falling apart the second half of the season. If they can put it all together this year, and that’s a big if, it could be a very enjoyable season for a long time Lions fan like me. I don’t necessarily need to see the playoffs this season to consider it a success, but that would certainly be nice. You know where to find me on Sundays!

Sean had hoped to move up an age group this year in football. However, his 12th birthday falls a couple of weeks on the wrong side of a deadline, so he has to play with the young kids. Most of the kids he has played with the last few years moved up. He is easily the oldest kid (and the best) on his team.

Still, I had some hopes for the season until I was talking with Sean last night. I was amazed to learn that they had not even worked on defense yet. They had on night where they scrimmaged against the even younger kids. Other than that night, Sean said no defensive work. WTF? One more practice before the first game and no defensive work??? I hate to be too critical of the coaches since they are donating their time to the kids, but that boggles my mind. I guess the head coach is in the Army and been TDYfor a couple of weeks. So, it might be a long season.

Anyways, looks like Sean is going to play Center on offense since no one else seems to be able to snap the ball – again, not a good sign. On the defensive side, Sean is going to play defensive end. That is where he excels. He has a good nose for the ball and tackles well. I expect him to have a bunch of tackles each week.

As usual, I will post the weekly results for Sean’s football team. You know where to find me on Saturdays!


  1. Have a good season, Sean!


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