Football Week 2

Yes! The Lions finally win! They broke their 20 game losing streak and beat the Washington Redskins by a score of 19 – 14. And you know what, they actually looked quite good doing it. They have been steadily improving each week. While I don’t think they will win a bunch of games or make the playoffs, as a life long Lions fan, I am encouraged.

The same is sort of true for Sean’s football team. This was week two and they were definitely improved over the previous week. Still, they went down to defeat this week by a score of 26 – 6. The game was really closer than the score, but still they lost. If it wasn’t for three long passes for TDs by the opposing Douglas team, the game was really tight. Honestly, it was quite refreshing to see a youth team with a quarterback who could actually throw the ball. I hope the kid loses some weight because he was pretty good, but overweight for a quarterback. While it works now, it won’t as the talent level increases.

Sean started the game as nose tackle. Unfortunately, the center and guards in front of him had at least 50 pounds apiece on him. Since Sean’s team plays a Bear defense (they really shouldn’t), with only 3 lineman, he got double teamed often. He still managed some tackles up front and fought hard. He really needs to be playing linebacker in my mind, but I guess the coaches like his ferocity inside.

It was quite an experience in Douglas, AZ. There is nothing wrong with this border town except for its distance from us. It took us 90+ minutes to get there. And it was hot! The elevation is lower than Sonoita, so it was quite hot. We had to be there 90 minutes early for the kids to warm up, plus we had allotted 2 hours to get there. Plus, because of the earlier game, ours started 45 minutes late. It was definitely a long day. On the plus side, we found a nice new restaurant on the way home that we will definitely be visiting on future road trips.

Its unfortunate Sean’s broken foot has slowed his football this year, but I am hoping he is learning. While I still feel the coaches are lacking, they might still be the best he has had. I have no room to complain though as I am unable to help out. Next year he wants to play high school ball (will be freshman), so hopefully he can make this a good foundation year.

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