Football Weekend Again

If its fall in Arizona, then it must be a football weekend. Luckily, Sean’s team has a home game this week, so we get to take it easy on the travel side. It will be interesting to see how the team plays this week after their first victory last weekend. Sean says they haven’t played the Bear defense this week which wouldn’t make any sense to me. They played it for the first time last week and did a phenomenal job with it. It would be a shame if they went back to a conventional 4-3 this week.

Whew, last week was a long week at work. I have a proposal to get out next week and its taking a lot of time on top of the regular day to day job. I have been staying late at work, which I don’t like. I get in pretty early and like to leave relatively early when possible. On Thursday, I worked over 14 hours. Its a good thing that today was an off Friday. I could use a three day weekend. Too bad we don’t get Columbus Day off. It also appears that a business trip to Germany is in the works for me. It will be nice to get out of the office for a bit.

I haven’t played much Halo 3 since it came out. I have had a hard time getting into the single player game. I think I am just tiring of the Halo series. Its still fun to play with Sean on coop. Actually, I haven’t played hardly any Xbox 360 in the last couple of months. For a while, it was because of World of Warcraft on the PC, but even that hasn’t gotten much time lately. I must be getting old.

Suzanne’s parents will be visiting us for Thanksgiving, so it will be a chance to see them. We will probably take them out to Kartchner Caverns since they haven’t seen them yet.


  1. Hope Sean’s team can get another win!

    We look forward to our visit at Thanksgiving time — and hope we can take in Kartchner Caverns!



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