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I have been looking for a good “to do” or task scheduling software for some time now. I never quite found one that lived up to my needs/desires. Most tended to be either to lightweight or so feature heavy that they were cumbersome to use or just too expensive for my blood.

Well, I stumbled across one the other day that is the closest I have seen to what I have been looking for. The application is called Tasks. To quote from their website:

Tasks is a powerful web-based task manager to help you manage your personal and professional projects effectively. You have numerous tasks, projects with sub-tasks, related notes and files, billable tasks, and ideas that you want to publish to your blog. You need to access on various computers, PDA€™s, or web-enabled phones from anywhere. Tasks is your solution.”

I love being able to access it from the web and being able to send email to the application to create tasks for me. Too often I think of something I need to do and forget about it before I document it. Now, just pop off an email and its entered. Of course, being web-based means you need a server to host it on. If you dont have a server, they have an option to host it for you.

The forums are responsive and I have made several additional feature requests. They have a demo version that you can try before you buy. The application is only $30.

Stop by King Design and give it a try…

(disclaimer – I am not affiliated with King Design nor do I get anything for this post)

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