Grandmother Turns 90 This Year

Just found out today that there is a series of birthday parties planned for my Grandmother who turns 90 this August. Sounds like a great idea to celebrate this wonderful event. Now I just need to figure out how to work out the details of getting there since she lives on the opposite side of the Country.

I have to decide if just I go or if I take the whole family. I would love for the whole family to go, but with airfares these days, that gets pricey. I did some initial research and found the cheapest tickets to be about $325 a piece, which comes to about $1300 for the four of us. Or, I have enough mileage on American Airlines right now to get two free tickets. However, purchasing American tickets seems to run about $450 apiece. So two freebies and two purchased would run about $900.

It would probably be a pretty quick in and out trip for two nights. But still, a lot of the extended family that I haven’t seen in many years is likely to be there. Most of them, our kids have never met or certainly wouldn’t remember them if they had. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the family to go celebrate Grandmother’s big 90. Our kids do know their Great Grandmother and would really like to go.

If the four of us go, we probably need a hotel room where if just I went, I could probably shack up at my mothers place. We might even need a car for the four of us. Well, we have a bit of time to continue to research airfares and options. I suspect, worst case, that just myself will attend the festivities.


  1. It sure does sound like a good time. Not sure how many are coming, as I haven’t yet heard from most of the family. With 8 kids and 28 grandchildren and I don’t know how many great grands it could be quite a crowd. She is real excited about it.

  2. I wasnt sure if she knew, but figured she wouldn’t be reading about it here ๐Ÿ˜‰

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