Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all!

Today, we will show the Klasen clan a rural, small town Fourth of July celebration. We will go over to Patagonia, AZ about 12 miles away. They have a nice little parade highlighted by water gun squirting and balloon throwing. It’s a pretty cute parade with all the local volunteer fire departments, forest service, border patrol and other local organizations.

After the parade, there is entertainment. Suzanne leads off the show once again this year with about an hour of singing. During the whole event, there are crafts and food booths set up. Some of the local Mexican families set up booths where you can get some really good Mexican food. Or the standard Hot Dogs are also available.

The day culminates with a fireworks display, though not sure we will be there long enough to enjoy those. All my family wants to go see the parade and festivities but I am not sure what to expect from them as they are used to the bigger city type celebrations. It should be a fun day.

God Bless America!

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