Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party for Savannah

Tomorrow is Savannah’s birthday and today is the birthday party. We are having this big Hawaiian Luau themed party. She has about 10 other kids coming over. They are making leis, learning to hula, playing Hawaiian Survivor and other fun games. We will be eating Spam-kabobs and Hawaiian pulled pork barbecue. For dessert, the girls get to eat a cake which is in the shape of a hawaiian hula girl (made by Suzanne and Savannah).

I will be sure to get up some photos soon…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Happy Birthday, Savannah!

    I know tyour Hawaiian Party was a lot of fun. Grandpop and I will give you a call tonight.



  2. Thanks Anne! Savannah got a kick out of reading your comment. Her school work is paying because she wanted to know why you misspelled “your” 🙂

    Mr Papa

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